Chat features in next release?


What kind of features will be added in next release?


The next thing I’ll release will be who’s online, as well as some support for displaying the full page chat more prominently in-app.

What features are you looking for? :wink:


I never thought I’ll get a respond since this is just a sandbox but thanks. :slight_smile:

Who’s online sounds good.

Not really looking for any feature in particular as i was just testing. But now that you asked, perhaps allowing admin to set permissions for Babble such as only allowing certain user groups to use Babble?


Ah, this last one is possible now. There are actually a bunch of channels on this site that you don’t have access to :slight_smile:

Right now you can restrict by categories or by groups… with the longer term goal of tying chats to categories exclusively.


Oh nice! just what we need as we are setting up a paid subscription site and want to only allow a certain user group (paid) to access chat.

Are categories optional? as we prefer just having the chat on it’s own since we feel it can somehow get a bit confusing mixing it into the main discussion forums.


They are currently optional, yes. But I think we’ll be moving towards them going forward. It’s not so hard to create a new category called ‘Chat’ to attach an otherwise unrelated chat to, if that’s the goal… and will simplify the persmissions model quite a bit.


Hmm, I cannot see the chat anywhere. Is there an action to bring it up?


What about Oneboxing messages in chat?