Mobile phone experience feedback


Hi to Devs, I just want to point some feedback on using babbel chat on mobile devices… I will just post a screenshots with some feedback written in pictures :slight_smile:

I hope you will find time to fix it, because it is a nice feature to have in discourse.


Screen 2:


Screen 3:


Screen 4:


Screen 5:


Screen 6:

Now, can you please somehow put a close button at the bottom of page or somewhere, so i can use babbel on Mobile phone :slight_smile: thanks


Hey there ^^ Lets wait for a fix together! Im waiting here for two years already :wink:
What “close button” are you talking about? I don’t see any… Every picture is exactly the same interface wise…


Two years? So long? That is to long for a a small change to be made :confused:

I figured it out how to reveal a menu bar, or precisely how to remove Chrome title bar overlapping the menu… if you scroll down and up a while it will remove titlebar of chrome sometimes, but not always… Here how it looks

But that top menu should be placed down where input field is placed… like in messenger app and similar char programs…

PS: @MrBug if you can see at top right corner X icon, that icon closes the chat and you are again at a page of discourse that was initially opened…